Saturday, September 18, 2010

Scrapbooking Day!

It's been a wonderful scrapbooking day for me!  I cleaned my house this afternoon then started a digi page while the kids played and drug a bunch of toys back into my CLEAN sunroom!  It's still nothing like it was before I cleaned, so I will forgive them.  Tonight I had a few hours to hang out in my scrap room, the first couple with the company of my girl. 

I didn't really make any pages for the kid's albums because I'd like to get more pics ordered first, I did however make several layouts.  I'm planning to get a booth at the November craft fair along with my granny.  I'm planning to sell pre-made layouts and cards.  My granny has been cranking out table runners like crazy to sell!  She called me yesterday to make sure I was still planning on getting a booth, so I thought I better get to work too!

Here's my digi page:

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  1. Can I just say, that as someone who is not remotely crafty, I just envy your skill to put this type of 'memory' together. I think it's such a great way to keep memories in a creative way. Cool.