Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Craft Fair

I'm preparing for the local craft fair here in November.  I plan to sell a few pre-made layouts and cards.  I'll be sharing the booth with my granny who's been busy sewing away on table runners and wall hangings:) 

I was thinking $7.50 sounded like a fair price for a 2 page layout, but wasn't sure they'd sell for that high.  I checked out Etsy to see what the going rates were and am SHOCKED to see there are layouts of the same quality selling for $15 or MORE!  I plan to stick to my $7.50. 

Finally here's some of my recent pages :)  I've sorta been neglecting the kiddo's books, but I'll use whatever doesn't sell of these to put their pics on and personalize a little more:)

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