Saturday, June 26, 2010

The best part of my job:)

It's been a busy baby month for us at work and I LOVE it!!! I just had to share this pic of me hard at work as you can see;)
I did actually get an hour of scrapping in tonight! Unfortunately I misplaced my camera and my mobile images just didn't turn out good at all, so hopefully I'll be sharing them tomorrow.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Reality Part Two

Here's another Reality post inspired by Sarah again at So here are some of the many blessings in my life:)

1.) I have 2 beautiful healthy children, one boy and girl. How lucky am I!
2.) I have a good paying job, no matter how much I complain about it.
3.) I have family that would do anything for me and I live close to them and am able to see them nearly every day!
4.) I live in a wonderful community where no matter how bad life may get I know there's always going to be somewhere there willing to help.
5.) I've got a beautiful new "old" home with tons of space to enjoy including my new scrap room!
6.) My student loans are paid off
7.) I can enjoy swimming and playing at the park with my kids
8.) I'm healthy, although a little overweight. (I'm working on it.)
9.) My wonderful husband!
10.) I'm extremely thankful to now have a basement! This is a big deal in Kansas during tornado season! I've never lived anywhere with a basement until the last 2 weeks since moving.
11.) I live in a very safe community where the only reason I have to lock the doors is to keep the kids from sneaking out!
12.) Tomorrow night I will enjoy some time in my scrap room
13.) I have just as many positives to list as I did negatives!

I'm sure there's more, but I've gotta go to work!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Baby's turning 1!!!

My husband and I have had some ideas planned for a little photo shoot with DS for quite some time, so tonight we were finally able to get some shots. Unfortunately it's REALLY hard to get an overactive 1 year old to sit still long enough for a pic. This is one of those times I'm really kicking myself for breaking into my DSLR camera fund:( (See my post about reality.) With lots of editing and cropping I got a somewhat decent obviously very amateur photo of him where he's not looking. My husband is all about trying again tomorrow, we'll see how that goes. For now here's my "it'll do" photo.

18th Birthday Card

My little sister turned 18 on Tuesday! I can't believe she's old enough to buy herself some cigs and lotto tickets!!! I'm sure she won't be doing either though. I wanted to make a special card for her and decided to try out this special paper I've been dying to use. I was having a hard time coming up with something to do because of how busy this paper is. That situation became MUCH harder when I cut my thumb with my scissors!!! OUCH!!! Luckily it wasn't quite deep enough to need stitches, but probably deep enough I could have gotten stitches. Scrapbooking is DANGEROUS, but OHHH how I enjoyed using my scrap room!
Here's the card I ended up with, not exactly in love with it and have another idea now, but I REALLY need to get my butt to bed so I can go for an early morning walk with a friend:)

Monday, June 14, 2010


My good friend Sarah pointed out on her blog how easy it is to create a perfect looking life via blogging., Like Sarah I am easily jealous over other people seemingly perfect with ease lives. Her post was inspired by this blog: So here is my Real Reality:

1.) The pic I posted of my bedroom previously is pretty much the only time the bed has ever been made.
2.) There is almost always dirty dishes in my kitchen sink.
3.) My children are COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTROL.
4.) My daughter pretty much wins every fight over not taking a nap b/c I just can't keep fighting her after 2 hours!
5.) My daughter watches at least 3 hours of TV EVERY day, I'd be scared to find out just exactly how much.
6.) There is always dirty laundry piled on my bedroom floor.
7.) I never wear makeup, not so much b/c I don't need it, but I simply don't like to spend that much time getting ready.
8.) I have contacts but never wear them. (See #7)
9.) If I don't have to work, I usually don't have the energy to shower or time. (See #3 and #4)
10.)I frequently have a really hard time biting my tongue when my grandmother is around freaking out about every little thing my children are doing that I should probly stop them from.
11.)I can't buy any kind of snack/junk food b/c I have no self control and I WILL eat it until it's gone. (Big back of Chips, gone in one sitting)
12.)I don't balance my checkbook and I frequently overspend knowing I shouldn't, that's the lack of self control again.
13.)Some days I shower, lounge around the house before getting ready for work or doing my hair and then forget to put deodorant on! Pretty horrifying when I realize this on my way to work a 12 hour shift!
14.)I took TONS of pics of DD and heard lots of, "Ya know you'll have to keep that up with the next one." I was sure I'd beat the odds and keep it up, I was SOOO wrong!
15.)At the moment there's a ladder in my living room the walls are bare and cracked needing lots of work, a quilt hanging in my bedroom window instead of curtains, and huge pile of boxes that need unpacked on my kitchen table, all kinds of tools in my bathroom where some tiles need placed and linoleum laid.
16.)I had $500 saved to buy a DSLR camera and blew it all in one weekend at the casino:0 (Have only been there once since.)

I could go on and on and on with how imperfect my life is, but for now I'm happy that I've got some lasagna in the oven and my hubby will be home for lunch. One of my most favorite things about our move to town is I get to spend lunch time with the hubs:) It also provides me with a great opportunity to take a shower on the days I have to work!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sweet Summertime!

It's been a busy summer so far! I've got so many new great pics to scrap! I looked at my books a few nights ago and saw just how far behind I am, further than EVER. I LOVE summer time. Playing in the park, swimming, barbecuing, camping! My kids are very fortunate to have a new city aquatic park and new city park to enjoy! Now that we've moved we are within walking distance of both so we've been getting lots of good use out of our double jogging stroller. The kids and I went on a 5k to raise money for MDA last weekend! I'm not really a runner, but I did run a little bit of it and I LOVE to be able to run a whole one some day. I've got a LONG ways to go before I'm up to it;) Here's a little preview of all the fun pics I have to scrap so far.

Friday, June 11, 2010

I'm Back!

I've been MIA for a couple months now, but now that I'm semi moved I'm back! It's been an extremely busy couple of months!

The new house is coming along and we moved into it a week ago. The bedrooms are all pretty well done, just some fun decorating left to do! I'm pretty ecstatic about how my new bedroom turned out! The chocolate brown panels I ordered for the windows just showed up yesterday! Hoping to get the hubs to hang them for me this weekend!

I was able to set up my scrapbook room a couple nights ago also! I haven't been able to spend much time in it yet, but it's nice to know it's all set up and waiting for me! I've still got a little more organizing to do and need to get some different paper storage. This is just an unfinished room in the basement with concrete walls and floor and a couple scraps of carpet pieced together. I had big ideas for paint and decorating it, BUT after remodeling the rest of the house I decided I wasn't ready to begin painting MORE. I'm sure eventually I will though. I do have 1 layout in progress out on my work desk. I found this desk for $25 and the tables for $10/each at a garage sale. The sale was for the old family practice office because they have a brand new clinic attached to the hospital now. All the proceeds are going towards remodeling our Labor and Delivery rooms. It's a MUCH MUCH MUCH needed remodel! This is something that I'm very happy to help support as it will make my job a TON easier once it is done and I will also be able to enjoy as a patient in the future if we decide to have another child.