Thursday, September 30, 2010

Flippity Floppity

Here's another of my pre-made layouts!  Page #2 can be flipped any direction, I think I prefer it the best with the purple strip on the left

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

ZOO photography

I was so very excited to take my new camera to the zoo last week!  I knew there would be GREAT photo opportunities there! Here's some of what I shot:

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Craft Fair

I'm preparing for the local craft fair here in November.  I plan to sell a few pre-made layouts and cards.  I'll be sharing the booth with my granny who's been busy sewing away on table runners and wall hangings:) 

I was thinking $7.50 sounded like a fair price for a 2 page layout, but wasn't sure they'd sell for that high.  I checked out Etsy to see what the going rates were and am SHOCKED to see there are layouts of the same quality selling for $15 or MORE!  I plan to stick to my $7.50. 

Finally here's some of my recent pages :)  I've sorta been neglecting the kiddo's books, but I'll use whatever doesn't sell of these to put their pics on and personalize a little more:)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Close to My Heart Consultant?

I've really been thinking hard about becoming a Close to my Heart Consultant.  I use their products all the time and I just LOVE the kits with all the coordinating paper.  It's pretty rare for me to scrapbook with anything else anymore!  I love the idea books because they show so many techniques.  I will probably wait until there is a good special running for new consultants like the $99 start up package.   I have a wonderful consultant, who I already know would be a great upline.  Check out Lori's blog here, she has wonderful clubs, tell her I sent ya:)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

I fell off the TMMO bandwagon

AND I fell right into this....
There was only a limited number built in this color, 400 of the SRT8.  I haven't heard how many of these R/Ts ended up being built.
I was the first to really 'DRIVE' it.  The guy who unloaded it had to drive it off the transporter and my MIL (aka the dealer) backed it up on the lot.
AND HOW could I possibly RESIST this pink stitching!!!

I'm on Cloud Nine, it's been one wonderfully amazing week around this house:)
In my defense I did buy a cheap van with CASH as a daily driver and I'll be trading my Pacifica in on the Challenger:)
Ok, I have nothing else to say for myself now.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Family Pictures!

I took these pictures for a very good friend of mine.  I told her I would love the opportunity to practice with my new camera and of course I'm sure she loved the whole FREE part ;)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Sizzix Texture Boutique

I've been wanting a cuddlebug for quite awhile now and I bought embossing folders a long time ago knowing I had friends with Sizzix's that I could use them in, which I never actually did.  I've been meeting with a small group every week or two to scrapbook for the last couple months and used the sizzx and I LOVED it!!!  I really don't need a die cutter though since I have the cricut.  (By the way have you seen the Cricut Imagine!).  This little Sizzix Texture Boutique is EXACTLY what I wanted and it's sooooo stinking cute too!  I ordered it from Amazon and it just arrived this evening.  I think I checked my front porch 20 times hoping the UPS man had been here.  The total price was $38.92, but I also had $10 in amazon gift certificates which I earned through swagbucks!  It came with 3 different folders and a pack of cards with envelopes and even some small pieces of cardstock!

Baby Shower Invites

One of my best friends who is expecting in January is having a baby girl.  I've posted before about how she's decorating the baby's room in Owls.  She came over the other night and we made these super cute baby shower invites! 

Baby Shower text is cut from New Arrival
Frame behind Baby Shower is cut from Storybook
Owl is cut from Stamping 

Sorry I've sorta neglected my blog lately!  I have no good excuse other than I've been spending lots of time scrapping and not much time writing about it or taking pics of my work!  This means I've got a lot to share!  More tomorrow :)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Scrapbooking Day!

It's been a wonderful scrapbooking day for me!  I cleaned my house this afternoon then started a digi page while the kids played and drug a bunch of toys back into my CLEAN sunroom!  It's still nothing like it was before I cleaned, so I will forgive them.  Tonight I had a few hours to hang out in my scrap room, the first couple with the company of my girl. 

I didn't really make any pages for the kid's albums because I'd like to get more pics ordered first, I did however make several layouts.  I'm planning to get a booth at the November craft fair along with my granny.  I'm planning to sell pre-made layouts and cards.  My granny has been cranking out table runners like crazy to sell!  She called me yesterday to make sure I was still planning on getting a booth, so I thought I better get to work too!

Here's my digi page:

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

You Melt My Heart

I've been meaning to upload this one all week!  I've got lots of catching up to do in both kids albums, but seems like Ryan's barely has anything in it.

I remember being told over and over and over when Marissa was a baby that I was gonna have to take just as many pics of the next one.  I really though I would to, I mean doesn't everyone have at least a 1000 pics of their baby already by 3 months of age????  Turns out they were all right, I haven't taken near as many of Ryan.

I think most of the reason I take less pics now is I know I'm not going to do anything with 20 pics of pretty much the same thing.  I can take just a few pics of one event and make a layout with them.  I also don't print EVERY single pic like I used.  I remember when Marissa was a baby I thought I needed EVERY picture ANYBODY took of her.  I had to have copies of all the pics my mom and sisters took in addition to my pics!  I'm a crazy picture lady.

I'll quit rambling now and get to what you're really here to see:

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Marissa's Scrapbook Pages

I have albums stuffed FULL of pictures of my babies.  I have so many pics that nearly all my slots have 2 or 3 pictures shoved into them with the best pic being in front.  I've gotten much better at only ordering the pics that I want so I don't have this problem anymore.  Marissa has been having SOOOO much fun scrapbooking with me that I decided to take the extra pics out tonight for her to make her own scrapbook pages!  I plan to get her an 8x8 album for her personal scrapbook:)  More than once tonight I heard, "I love scrapbooking with you mommy!"  I have all sorts of ideas for creating her own scrap space in the basement with me and someday when she's a few years older she just might have her own little cricut since I already have a big one and a little one, she might get my baby bug all to herself:)  Here's some of the pages she made:  (I cut out things on the cricut for her to glue on)

I'm not sure why the last one is rotated!  The original isn't that way.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sharing My Scraproom!

 I may need a bigger scrap room if I'm gonna have to share!!! LOL I probably shoulda turned the radio off for this video, BUT Marissa insists on having music, so she can dance!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mini Vacation

I'm still around and still scrapping!  I have a couple new project to share, but I was out of town for the weekend.  My husband, Inlaws, brother in law and his girlfriend took a little mini vacay to the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Tulsa, OK over the weekend.  It's about a 5 hour drive for us.  We stopped and checked out the Little House on the Prairie site by Independance, KS.  (I can't wait to read those books to my kids and then take them to see it!)  We had a BLAST, but we also came home broke and most of us hungover.  That didn't stop me from ordering a margarita at Chile's on the way home!  My vacation was not over yet and I was gonna enjoy it to the END! 

Tonight is one of those rare nights when I have no plans, no work, no ambulance call, no commitments to do a thing!  That means I will be making my way back to my scraproom tonight after about a week away from it!  I promise to share a layout in the morning!