Saturday, September 4, 2010

Marissa's Scrapbook Pages

I have albums stuffed FULL of pictures of my babies.  I have so many pics that nearly all my slots have 2 or 3 pictures shoved into them with the best pic being in front.  I've gotten much better at only ordering the pics that I want so I don't have this problem anymore.  Marissa has been having SOOOO much fun scrapbooking with me that I decided to take the extra pics out tonight for her to make her own scrapbook pages!  I plan to get her an 8x8 album for her personal scrapbook:)  More than once tonight I heard, "I love scrapbooking with you mommy!"  I have all sorts of ideas for creating her own scrap space in the basement with me and someday when she's a few years older she just might have her own little cricut since I already have a big one and a little one, she might get my baby bug all to herself:)  Here's some of the pages she made:  (I cut out things on the cricut for her to glue on)

I'm not sure why the last one is rotated!  The original isn't that way.

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