Sunday, September 26, 2010

I fell off the TMMO bandwagon

AND I fell right into this....
There was only a limited number built in this color, 400 of the SRT8.  I haven't heard how many of these R/Ts ended up being built.
I was the first to really 'DRIVE' it.  The guy who unloaded it had to drive it off the transporter and my MIL (aka the dealer) backed it up on the lot.
AND HOW could I possibly RESIST this pink stitching!!!

I'm on Cloud Nine, it's been one wonderfully amazing week around this house:)
In my defense I did buy a cheap van with CASH as a daily driver and I'll be trading my Pacifica in on the Challenger:)
Ok, I have nothing else to say for myself now.


  1. Wow. She's beautiful, I'll give ya that. Enjoy, Nichole!

    (I'm holding back from scolding you!!) :)

  2. Thanks for holding back Sarah! It's ok, you can let loose anytime! LOL We found a renter for our old house, so now I won't be paying $100 utilities over there AND I'll be getting an extra $250 income from it!

    I know I know I know I should just be saving this extra income up for a new car, but I just don't think this one will last that long especially cause my MIL is already talking about how she sholulda bought it.

  3. Whatever you have to say to rationalize it, hon. ;)