Sunday, June 20, 2010

Reality Part Two

Here's another Reality post inspired by Sarah again at So here are some of the many blessings in my life:)

1.) I have 2 beautiful healthy children, one boy and girl. How lucky am I!
2.) I have a good paying job, no matter how much I complain about it.
3.) I have family that would do anything for me and I live close to them and am able to see them nearly every day!
4.) I live in a wonderful community where no matter how bad life may get I know there's always going to be somewhere there willing to help.
5.) I've got a beautiful new "old" home with tons of space to enjoy including my new scrap room!
6.) My student loans are paid off
7.) I can enjoy swimming and playing at the park with my kids
8.) I'm healthy, although a little overweight. (I'm working on it.)
9.) My wonderful husband!
10.) I'm extremely thankful to now have a basement! This is a big deal in Kansas during tornado season! I've never lived anywhere with a basement until the last 2 weeks since moving.
11.) I live in a very safe community where the only reason I have to lock the doors is to keep the kids from sneaking out!
12.) Tomorrow night I will enjoy some time in my scrap room
13.) I have just as many positives to list as I did negatives!

I'm sure there's more, but I've gotta go to work!

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