Monday, June 14, 2010


My good friend Sarah pointed out on her blog how easy it is to create a perfect looking life via blogging., Like Sarah I am easily jealous over other people seemingly perfect with ease lives. Her post was inspired by this blog: So here is my Real Reality:

1.) The pic I posted of my bedroom previously is pretty much the only time the bed has ever been made.
2.) There is almost always dirty dishes in my kitchen sink.
3.) My children are COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTROL.
4.) My daughter pretty much wins every fight over not taking a nap b/c I just can't keep fighting her after 2 hours!
5.) My daughter watches at least 3 hours of TV EVERY day, I'd be scared to find out just exactly how much.
6.) There is always dirty laundry piled on my bedroom floor.
7.) I never wear makeup, not so much b/c I don't need it, but I simply don't like to spend that much time getting ready.
8.) I have contacts but never wear them. (See #7)
9.) If I don't have to work, I usually don't have the energy to shower or time. (See #3 and #4)
10.)I frequently have a really hard time biting my tongue when my grandmother is around freaking out about every little thing my children are doing that I should probly stop them from.
11.)I can't buy any kind of snack/junk food b/c I have no self control and I WILL eat it until it's gone. (Big back of Chips, gone in one sitting)
12.)I don't balance my checkbook and I frequently overspend knowing I shouldn't, that's the lack of self control again.
13.)Some days I shower, lounge around the house before getting ready for work or doing my hair and then forget to put deodorant on! Pretty horrifying when I realize this on my way to work a 12 hour shift!
14.)I took TONS of pics of DD and heard lots of, "Ya know you'll have to keep that up with the next one." I was sure I'd beat the odds and keep it up, I was SOOO wrong!
15.)At the moment there's a ladder in my living room the walls are bare and cracked needing lots of work, a quilt hanging in my bedroom window instead of curtains, and huge pile of boxes that need unpacked on my kitchen table, all kinds of tools in my bathroom where some tiles need placed and linoleum laid.
16.)I had $500 saved to buy a DSLR camera and blew it all in one weekend at the casino:0 (Have only been there once since.)

I could go on and on and on with how imperfect my life is, but for now I'm happy that I've got some lasagna in the oven and my hubby will be home for lunch. One of my most favorite things about our move to town is I get to spend lunch time with the hubs:) It also provides me with a great opportunity to take a shower on the days I have to work!


  1. I'm with you on the TV thing. I am living in a constant state of denial about how much TV Isaiah watches. I figure there are worse things I could be letting him do, right? It's not like he's off lighting Black Cats out of his hand or anything. :)

    Great post! (And I love the scraproom by the way!)

  2. Yep, I really don't think the tv thing is THAT awful. Marissa watches Nick Jr. all the time, I'm pretty sure she's actually learned A LOT from watching Dora.