Monday, August 9, 2010

Ryan Swimming

The beginning of the summer I was overfilled with joy at the thought of taking my babies to the pool every day possible!  We've gone at least twice a week all summer and sometimes more, well except for Ryan.  He didn't quite get into it, just got cold and mad.  I started waiting til he was napping, then having my sisters or Grandma watch him while Marissa and I went to the pool.  A couple weeks ago I decided that I was taking the kids swimming in the evening.  At 6pm the pool is usually pretty quiet with only a handful of kids, I LOVE going at this time even though it sorta screws with supper time.  The water was SOOO nice that night and Ryan LOVED it!!!  I was so excited!  Marissa has ALWAYS been a water baby and I was worried I was gonna have a boy scared of the water.  He's not scared, he just doesn't like to be cold and who could blame him for that?  Now if I could just get him to stop trying to drink the water.

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