Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dollar Deals!

I've hit some pretty good deals at the grocery store this week!

Applemarket- Hamburger Helper .98/box
                      Lipton Sides 0.98/pkg
                      Philadelphia Cream Cheese 0.99/pkg
                      Cottage Cheese 0.69/tub
                      Hunts Spaghetti Sauce $1 
Thriftway- 10 for $10 deals- Hamburger Helper, Lipton Sides, Pudding cups
                 Toast 'ems poptarts are always $1/box

Every item on this shelf in my cupboard cost $1 or less!  The top ramen hiding back there I think was moved over from our old house, I haven't bought it in at least a year.  Far as I know it may be leftover from college!  Is it even possible for them to go bad!  I never think to make ramen noodles even though I love them,
guess I know what were having for lunch today!

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  1. What a great post. We are getting Cost Co here in Australia soon and I can't wait. We have two big supermarket chains that dominate the market and they rarely have bargins. Not sure if you have ALDI in the US? It's a Germany supermarket that has taken off here too.

    Grocery bills are my biggest after all of my insurance!!