Sunday, July 4, 2010


My Xyron- Yesterday I was happily scrapping away and using my brand new xyron 250, I pulled a few cricut letters through it and was totally IN LOVE with this thing. So as I'm happily cutting out more letters I'm thinking to myself how TOTALLY AWESOME this little handy thingy is and about how I'm going to blog about it to make all my scrappy friends jealous. (Sorry Sarah) THEN, I start pulling my next set of letters through and it BROKE!!! Ok, so not exactly broke, but the knobby thing wouldn't turn and I have to actually pull the paper through now instead of just turn the knob, which means if I use the cutter on the xyron there is not enough paper to pull on the next time I use it! Tonight as I was adding a button to a page I remembered that I tried to put a button through my xyron a couple days ago and it didn't work that well. I think my problem is I shouldn't be pushing the poor x's limits with buttons. Hopefully when I put a new refill cartridge in everything will be resolved. Now onto what ya really came here to see=)

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  1. Ok, yes I am jealous you have the Xyron 250. Stinker! But I guess I can't quite picture how you managed to break it. Is the handle thingy broken?

    Hopefully it will still work for you ok.

    Love the Easter layout and the food photos of Ryan are just precious! Great job!