Monday, July 26, 2010

New Camera!

I got a new camera! I've REALLY been wanting a DSLR camera and did lots of research and played with them trying to decide which one I wanted. I started saving up cash from my extra jobs to pay for this camera, THEN my IL's decided they wanted us to go with them to Tulsa for their 30th wedding anniversary. They said they'd buy our room and gas just so we'd go, since this was right before we signed our new mortgage papers. The place we were staying though just happened to be a casino and ya know once you turn your money into poker chips it's just really hard to think about it as money anymore. I had a TON of fun, but also lost all my camera fund money since it was all we had to gamble on.

Last week my husband decided to sell his truck! He paid off the lumber yards we had balances at due to our big remodeling project then put the rest in savings. We've been having an argument about buying a car that requires a loan. This lead me to bring up the fact that I haven't been able to buy my new camera after wasting it on HIS parents anniversary. He told me for a couple days just to go buy it. I kept telling him I wasn't gonna go buy it just so he could get a car. I still ended up winning and getting my camera and NO car, meaning NO loan. Here's what I got:

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