Monday, March 28, 2011

He Said/She Said

Marissa- "Ryan, you're SOO adorable, I think I want another baby brother" 
               "We don't want Ryan to grow up, because he's TOO cute!"
               "RYAN JOSEPH!"-This is a pretty frequent Marissa quote :)

Ryan has been saying more and more new words EVERY day, he has been repeating everything and even
         some of the stuff he doesn't say I know he understands, like if I say, "Ryan, will you get mommy her    
         phone, he'll actually bring it to me!" Ryan started saying, "sock," he puts an extra C in there though and I'll
         just let ya imagine what comes out!  He also learned to say, "yeehaw," when he's riding a horsey and he's
         totally obsessed with his, "boots."  Great Grandpa and Great Uncle Johnny may have a farm helper soon!

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  1. Babies are such a precious thing! Enjoy your little one the the fullest! God Bless!