Monday, March 14, 2011

He Said/She Said

I think every day my 3 year old daughter says something that cracks me up!  I thought I'd start a weekly post of the things the kids say that make me laugh, a few that make me cry, and maybe a little bit of the in betweens.  Ryan is not quite the chatterbox his big sis is yet, but I'm sure it won't be long, he's saying new words ALL the time.  I thought this was a neat idea after seeing the quotable quotes post on Erin's Blog Sunny Side UP.

A conversation Marissa and I had in the van approaching our intersection:
Marissa: I see my house!!!
Me: Who's house is it?
Marissa: Mine
Me: Well actually it's my house and Daddy's, but we share it with you because we love you.  When you turn 18 you have to move out and go to school and get a job and buy your own house, but it can't be very far away b/c I'll miss you.
Marissa: (Gives me a look that I can't describe and makes me feel like the worst parent ever since my 3 year  old was taking this conversation VERY seriously!)
Me: It's a really long time until you turn 18, you'll be a lot bigger then.  You can go to college like Aunt Rachel when you turn 18!

Today while talking about my 47 year old uncle who lives at home with my grandparents I decided I didn't regret this conversation.  When asked what she's going to do when she turns 18, she now proudly announces, "Move outta the house"   I hope I'm not causing any psychological damage, since really I'd probably let her live with me until the end of time, MOST days anyway.

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