Friday, January 22, 2010

Life is GOOD:)

Today has been sooo awesome! First of all my husband and I went to the bank and got lots of answers about buying another house, including some unexpected details about how the loan could be handled. I was MORE than happy with those little details which include a 4.9% interest rate!!!

I've also finished my tax return and am getting a nice little chunk of change back:)

I'm off to eat supper with the Inlaws now and have me a little celebration drink, but only 1, so I can stay on track with my diet that's going amazingly well:)

I'm sooo excited I thought I'd share another pic of the house I'm sooo anxiously awaiting news on after making an offer this afternoon!

These beautiful wooden columns and glass doors dividing the living room and formal dining room are what made me want to check out this house so badly!

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