Saturday, January 9, 2010

Brrr.... It's COLD out there!!!

It seems like we've been getting snow CONSTANTLY since Christmas and on top of that there's the wind! We usually NEVER use our front door, I even put the Christmas tree in front of it this year, BIG mistake!!! I can't even count the number of times any more that the back door has drifted shut!

They say this is one of the WORST winters we've ever had, I'm not sure I agree. It may be the MOST snow we've seen, but I think the ice storm 2 years ago was worse. This winter I've made NO extra trips out of the house b/c the roads are too bad, it's too cold, and well I simply couldn't get the door open a couple times. I am NOT a person who stays home for whole days EVER. However 2 years ago we had a bad ice storm, many people lost power for over a week! We were lucky and I think ours was out for 36hrs. Generators were sold out everywhere. We spent a night with the Inlaws b/c they found a generator to borrow. On top of that we had a 6 week old baby. I definitely prefer being stuck inside my own house rather than stuck at someone else's b/c of the lack of heat!

I was making a digital Layout of all the snow the other day and decided to look back at my 2007 pics. The ice makes for such pretty pics! I'm happy just remembering it though, I don't need to experience it again! Here's my winter weather layouts for 2007 & 2009. Couldn't forget the ones of the hubs playing in the snow either:)

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