Sunday, December 20, 2009

Working with Vinyl

Instructions for working with Vinyl using your Cricut. These are basic instructions, I haven't had a chance to work with a layered design yet, so there may be more to come in the future! I have SOOO many ideas for vinyl projects! It's addicting once you get started.

1. Set Speed, Pressure, and Blade to 3/Medium.
2. Select your cut, you want it to cut through only the vinyl, not the paper backing.
3. Unload paper and begin weeding. This is when you remove the excess vinyl from around your cut. Any part of the cut you do not want should be removed. (example-if you cut an O you want to remove the solid black circle from inside it.
4. Cover with transfer paper and peel off your cricut mat. Remove the paper backing from the vinyl.
5. Stick you design onto desired object (wall, plate, cup, frame, glass block, etc.). Smooth over design.
6. Peel back transfer tape slowly working it from side to side.

Here's the video I used for instructions. http://

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  1. Easy to follow directions, that's what I like. I like teaching Cricuters how to get the most out of their
    Cricut cutter that's why I wrote this tips and tricks book.