Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cricut VINYL!!!

I totally love my Cricut! My mom gave me a baby bug a couple years ago for my birthday, but on Black Friday I splurged on the RED Cricut Expression available exclusively at Wal-Mart! I've been browsing the message board and admiring everyone's AMAZING Vinyl projects. I was soooo excited to finally get the vinyl I ordered in the mail the other day. Here's my 1st project!

I bought this picture frame at the Dollar General for $2 and I bought the vinyl from I actually used the Quickutz vinyl b/c it was cheaper than the cricut vinyl. I used the Christmas Cheer cart for these cuts.


  1. How do you clean drool out of a keyboard? I am super crazy jealous of your red Cricut!! Keep posting more pics of Cricut projects....I'm always looking for more ideas.

  2. Sarah-If it makes you feel better I haven't really cut anything with it yet that I couldn't cut with my baby bug. I'm waiting on the storybook cartridge to really go crazy! and by the way you weren't drooling on my keyboard were ya? Cause my space bar keeps sticking! LOL