Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Needing A Change

My husband has to take care of the kids 3 nights a week while I work, he spoils them rotten.  He gives them both baths some nights.  He rocks them to sleep b/c he loves cuddling with them, having them both fall asleep in his arms at the same time is one of his favorite accomplishments.  He makes them supper each of these night, even if it is just ham and cheese sandwiches, he gets them up the following morning, dresses them, and drives them to daycare.  He texts me silly, cute, adorable pics of them.  He rarely calls me at work for anything, BUT LAST NIGHT....

All hell broke loose while I was at work!  Ryan's been trying to pop out some molars and has a horrible cough, he coughs so hard that he vomited twice last night.  He tosses and turns in his sleep and screams in pain in his sleep.  (I've been giving him tylenol and teething tabs)  Last night when Daddy got him all settled in and he seemed like he would sleep well he layed him in the crib and went to bed at 12:30AM, then at that moment Marissa woke up screaming because her ear hurt:(  This is the time I got a call saying, "if I ever wanted you to come home early this is the time, unfortunately I couldn't leave.  I came home at 3:30AM and could hear my poor girl crying.  I picked her up gave her some Motrin since the Tylenol she'd had didn't quite kick it and layed on the couch with her and let her watch cartoons.  Her and I slept there till 8 when I got her up and dressed and ready to head out the door to daycare so I could sleep.

I couldn't help but think ALL night long about finding a way to be able to stay at home and not work.  My job provides 2/3 of our income, so it wouldn't be easy.  I've been considering doing daycare, but I'm just not sure I could handle it everyday.  I am really hoping Close to My Heart has a consultant bonus REALLY soon!  I don't expect to earn enough with it to quit my job, but I am determined to try, so maybe I could cut back to just 2 nights a week at least! 

I have made a LOT of layouts and cards for the upcoming craft fair in town and have purchased my booth.  I'm really hoping that this takes off and I can get a few people to place orders and maybe even start a scrap for hire business.  Here is a pile of stuff I have done with more posts coming up to better detail each item:

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